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Marián Štúrik
Founder and CEO of MRS-Transport
Words of the founder
"MRS-TRANSPORT was established in 2008. We are able to store and distribute almost all types of goods in accordance with the European Community directives.

Everyday there is a flow of goods, stock records, packaging and dispatching for B2B or directly for B2C customers in our warehouse."
Marián Štúrik
Founder and CEO of MRS-Transport
"We can label the customer's goods with descriptions and price tags, or pack it from scratch. We are able to issue invoices for business partners and also keep their stock records.

In addition to the high quality of operations and a low percentage of complaints, we have gained trust of many business partners throughout 12 years of our cooperation. According to surveys, flexibility, reliability and also a fair price for our services are stated as our strongest points."
"Our own warehouses are built on the territory of more than 3000m². In 2020, we are completing a new warehouse of 1800m². Hence, we are able to accept new customers till the fulfilment of these storage capacities.

The warehouses are located in the middle of Slovakia with a quick connection to Košice, Banská Bystrica, but also a large part of Hungary. In our company we can speak Slovak, English, German, Russian or Hungarian."
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